[ee122] Project 1 Question

Daniel Killebrew dank at berkeley.edu
Sun Sep 16 22:23:16 PDT 2007

Do everything that's listed in the PDF, which includes both part A and 
part B. Both of these are the first milestone. Sorry for the confusion. 
This means make the echo server, the client, do the parsing, etc.


Richard Schmidt wrote:
> I was reading the document on the project and noticed that it made no 
> mention in the beginning that this pertained only to the first part, 
> which is supposedly what we are doing.
> My questions is wether pr not we are supposed to implement part B 
> already or only part A of the .pdf that I'm reading from. This is 
> causing some confusion as the pdf says this is "project 1, in two 
> milestones" implying that this pdf will cover both phases of the 
> project. But the filename is just Project1A implying that this pdf 
> contains only the information about what is going to be due in two 
> weeks (or less).
> Some clarification would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rick Schmidt
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