[ee122] [P1a] Strictness of Output

Simon Tan simtan at berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 18 23:02:09 PDT 2007

When checking the output of our client/server (to stout/sterr on screen),  
I am already aware that you will be looking for strings that match up  
exactly with what is on the spec. However, what about spurious tokens  
before or after these lines? For example, I prefer to put a blank line of  
whitespace between 'rounds' of network communication for visibility, or a  
initial message that confirms whether setting up listening on a socket was  
successful or not.

Are these extra characters going to be noticed and invalidate the output?  
Should I sacrifice elements of usability in submission to an autograder?

Sample output (from a command prompt through to termination) would be  
appreciated. Thank you.

~Simon Tan >> undergraduate at UC Berkeley
Source: simtan at berkeley.edu

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