[ee122] Server response terminated by '\0'?

Richard Schmidt huntingtonsurfca at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 11:54:12 PDT 2007

the test server was adding an extra byte to my messages, and I've determined
that it is a zero | '\0'.

But the project says that responses are only ended with a "blank line" i.e.
a \r\n.

Now the other server doesn't do this. So who am I to trust?

ilinux3.eecs.berkeley.edu (adds a '\0' to end)
jaguar.icir.org (doesn't add a '\0')

Does a blank line really mean \r\n\0? or is there a problem with ilinux3?

I just check them again:

>hello (7 bytes sent including \r\n)
(8 bytes recieved)

>hello (7 bytes sent including \r\n)
(7 bytes recieved)

Either one is breaking my client because it either thinks there is more
information from the server, so it's polling the server until it gets all of
the next information out of it, or it thinks the server hasn't finished
sending its reply so it does the same thing...

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