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Simon Tan simtan at berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 22 19:00:14 PDT 2007

Being signed up for an active mailing list can be overwhelming, and it  
does feel like spam at first. There are some nice features to it, however.  
For example, an archived thread view:


Anyway, there are steps you can take to make the deluge of e-mail more  
manageable. E-mail rules and/or filters, for example:


In almost any e-mail reader, web-based reader, or desktop client, you can  
make messages that have '[ee122]' in the subject line filtered to a  
different folder, so you don't have to look at them until you want to.  
More advanced mail clients with view-based filtering allow an even nicer  
way to look at your messages. For example, Opera Mail, a hidden gem in the  
Opera Web Browser, has filters that act like viewports into *all* your  
folders, including your Sent, Drafts, or what have you. When I look at  
that filtered view, it looks exactly like a newsgroup. (I can say this  
because Opera also does newsgroups, and using my EE 122 view involves the  
same exact interface as, say, the CS 188 newsgroup.)

/shameless plug, because I'm pretty sure something like GMail does  
something similar.

On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 18:25:34 -0700, <phamductri at berkeley.edu> wrote:

> hello, I just wonder whether we can switch from using newsletter to using
> a newsgroup. I receive so many emails a day from the newsletter that I
> feel like I was being spammed. Many of the emails in the email list  
> asking
> questions that have nothing to do with the problems that I have. And the
> announcement mix along with questions making it hard for me to read.
> I think the newsletter should use for announcement only (extended OHs,
> deadlines, etc...) while the newsgroup should use for asking questions
> related to projects and HWs. This is the standard practice in almost all
> other C.S class that I've been to. I don't see why we don't do that in
> this class
> Thanks
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