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Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 22 21:26:09 PDT 2007

Yes, it is overwhelming, but it's also essential to enabling Prof
Paxson and us the TA's to respond to your problems in a timely and
efficient manner.  However, you can also sign up for the mailing list
in "digest" form so that you will only receive one email containing
all the day's conversations, thus letting you quickly skim through and
find the things that are important to you.

I might be able to set up an RSS feed of critical information if there
are a good number of you who would actually use the service.  To
everyone:  Send me a private email if you *would* use an RSS feed of
class info and I'll let that determine whether or not I should go
through the effort.


On 9/22/07, phamductri at berkeley.edu <phamductri at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> hello, I just wonder whether we can switch from using newsletter to using
> a newsgroup. I receive so many emails a day from the newsletter that I
> feel like I was being spammed. Many of the emails in the email list asking
> questions that have nothing to do with the problems that I have. And the
> announcement mix along with questions making it hard for me to read.
> I think the newsletter should use for announcement only (extended OHs,
> deadlines, etc...) while the newsgroup should use for asking questions
> related to projects and HWs. This is the standard practice in almost all
> other C.S class that I've been to. I don't see why we don't do that in
> this class
> Thanks
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