[ee122] mailing list use

vern at cs.berkeley.edu vern at cs.berkeley.edu
Sun Sep 23 00:19:58 PDT 2007

First, as Lisa mentioned, use of a mailing list rather than a newsgroup
has important benefits in terms of (1) timeliness by which the TAs and
I can respond, (2) the ability to digestify if you find the arrival of
individual messages difficult to manage, and (3) archives to first check
to see if questions have already been answered.

I do feel that the mailing list is being overused, which undermines its
effectiveness.  First, the intent behind the mailing list is for messages
likely to be of benefit or relevant to a significant portion of the class.
This means that for example questions about specific difficulties in your
project code, or specific interpretations of project requirements, generally
do not merit posting.  (Questions about *concepts* can be more apt.)
Second, please do consult the archives to see what has been previously
been discussed that's germane to your question.

For more specific questions, send private email to the TAs and/or me, or
ask fellow students.  If we see that certain questions arise from different
students, then we'll send general explanations/clarifications to the list.

Thanks ......


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