[ee122] about switching from newsletter to newsgroup

Daniel Killebrew dank at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Sep 23 13:47:52 PDT 2007

Depending on your email program, you may also be able to set up message 
I use Thunderbird, and created an 'ee122' folder in it. Then I setup a 
message filter to move emails that come from the newsgroup into my ee122 


Lisa Fowler wrote:
> Yes, it is overwhelming, but it's also essential to enabling Prof
> Paxson and us the TA's to respond to your problems in a timely and
> efficient manner.  However, you can also sign up for the mailing list
> in "digest" form so that you will only receive one email containing
> all the day's conversations, thus letting you quickly skim through and
> find the things that are important to you.
> I might be able to set up an RSS feed of critical information if there
> are a good number of you who would actually use the service.  To
> everyone:  Send me a private email if you *would* use an RSS feed of
> class info and I'll let that determine whether or not I should go
> through the effort.
> -Lisa
> On 9/22/07, phamductri at berkeley.edu <phamductri at berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> hello, I just wonder whether we can switch from using newsletter to using
>> a newsgroup. I receive so many emails a day from the newsletter that I
>> feel like I was being spammed. Many of the emails in the email list asking
>> questions that have nothing to do with the problems that I have. And the
>> announcement mix along with questions making it hard for me to read.
>> I think the newsletter should use for announcement only (extended OHs,
>> deadlines, etc...) while the newsgroup should use for asking questions
>> related to projects and HWs. This is the standard practice in almost all
>> other C.S class that I've been to. I don't see why we don't do that in
>> this class
>> Thanks
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