[ee122] Some issues ...

Akhil Dhar adhar at berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 24 22:31:59 PDT 2007

I'm slightly confused about a few things.

1) If you hit return (without any preceding text) on stdin, should the
client a) simply wait for a "real" line of input, b) send 0 bytes to the
server or c) send 1 byte ('\n' itself) to the server?

2) For part B, the client (and server) should terminate requests (and
replies) with a blank line.  Is the following sequence of events accurate?

client sends GET request to server -> server echoes request to stdout and
to client -> server closes connection and outputs components/error to
stdout -> client reconnects to server and sends blank line -> ???

Basically, I am unsure about the purpose of the terminating blank line and
the role that it plays in the HTTP request procedure.

Thank you.

Akhil Dhar

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