[ee122] confusion about client behaviour

Davide Cerri davide.cerri at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:16:06 PDT 2007

in the specs of the project the client specifies a server to connect
as described below..

"The client should compile to a binary called http client and will be
executed using the command,
http client <server> <port>, where <server> and <port> indicate the
appropriate port on the
particular server to which you wish to connect. In particular, your
client should be able to connect to
the server at ilinux3.eecs.berkeley.edu, TCP port 7788, run by the
EE122 staff. (Note: an
announcement will be sent when this server is available for testing.)"

but then
"The program should take a "full" URL (e.g., a URL of the form
http://ilinux3.eecs.berkeley.edu:7788/index.html) as input from
standard input; translate
the URL into a valid HTTP 1.0 GET request as specified above; and send
it to the server specified in the
URL on the port number specified in the URL (or port 80 if no port
number is specified):

so my question is, does the server disconnect from the original server
to connect to another server or do we have to use select and handle
multiple connections?


~/Davide Cerri

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