[Netalyzr] SuSE install tips

Brandon Fouts brando.fouts at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 18:40:03 PDT 2009

SuSE 11.1
FireFox 3.0.11

I found I needed to load java AND java-plugin


I got them both thru YaST, Software Management

I did NOT see any mention of "java plugin" in FAQ nor Sun's Verify Java
site, but after I installed java-plugin Netalyzr and Java Verify worked.

'Java Console 6.0.02' Extension in FireFox and 'Java Web Start' (from SuSE
Applications Menu) does nothing - I do not know what they are suppose to do.
(and I do not know exactly where Java-Script comes from, but I did make sure
the Java-Script box was checked in the FireFox web browser)

I see SuSE Applications Menu now has 'Java Plugin Control Panel' and this
control panel seems to work just fine.

IMHO, I would add 'java-plugin' to your FAQ about java JRE
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