[Netalyzr] Netalyzr-alike Test Pilot study

Zack Weinberg zack.weinberg at sv.cmu.edu
Fri Jan 21 14:12:31 PST 2011

I'm doing some research into deployment of DNSSEC and related
protocols (particularly the extension now being called DANE, for
authenticating TLS certificates via DNSSEC) and I'd like to collect a
whole bunch of data on how much trouble we can expect from
middle-boxes not understanding these DNS extensions.  Netalyzr does
much of this testing already, but requires Java with extra privileges,
which limits the scope of testing.

Mozilla is now shipping a mechanism (called Test Pilot) with Firefox
that allows them to run arbitrarily complicated experiments on every
user (individuals can opt out, but most don't).  I am interested in
seeing whether Netalyzr can be ported to this environment, ideally by
machine translation -- Test Pilot studies have to be written in
JavaScript; they have access to "chrome" APIs that can do more or less
anything the browser core can do, so it should be *possible* to port
Netalyzr over, but I don't know how much work it will be.

What do you think of this notion? Would you be willing to give me
access to your code, and possibly the use of your existing servers,
for this project?


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