[Netalyzr] Netalyzr updates

Christian Kreibich christian at icir.org
Wed Mar 23 10:44:13 PDT 2011

Hello Netalyzr users!

It has been a while since we published news about the project, so here
is a long-overdue update on what has been keeping us busy.  Thanks to
your help, Netalyzr is doing very well!  We have published our findings
so far in a paper in last year's ACM Internet Measurement Conference.
You can check it out here:


We intend to develop Netalyzr for the foreseeable future.  Over the
past months, we have continued to add to Netalyzr's test suite,
including new IPv6 and DNS tests, a brand-new command line client, and
support for internationalization.  These features are now available on
the website.  As subscribers to this list you are more interested in
Netalyzr than most of our users, and so we're happy to provide a sneak
preview of our features here before we announce them to our general
audience on the website.

The new IPv6 tests include IPv6 connectivity and path MTU as well as
direct comparisons with IPv4 connectivity.  For those without IPv6
connectivity, Netalyzr now checks for problems that occur when a
user's system mistakenly *thinks* it has IPv6.

The DNS probing now tests both the network and the user's NAT (if
present) to see whether they fully implement the DNS protocol, and to
check whether the resolver can handle IPv6 requests.

The command-line client allows you to run Netalyzr remotely, with
feedback very similar to the browser-based version.  To try it out,
download http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/NetalyzrCLI.jar and run it
by invoking the Java interpreter on it ("java -jar NetalyzrCLI.jar").

Finally, thanks to an upcoming collaboration with Heise.de we can now
provide a complete translation of the Netalyzr service into German.
Select your language of choice on the start page and the rest of your
session will be conducted in it.

So, if you haven't run Netalyzr in a while, you might want to try a
run with the latest version.  As always, we welcome your feedback.  To
those who have run Netalyzr and provided us feedback, many thanks.

-Christian, Nick, Boris and Vern.

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