[Netalyzr] measurement results needed

Christian Kreibich christian at icir.org
Tue Feb 14 10:03:04 PST 2012

Hi Hans,

On 02/14/2012 02:25 AM, Fischer, Hans Ronald wrote:
> Hi,
> my name is Hans Ronald Fischer I'm working at the FTW 
> Telecommunications Research Center Vienna. Currently, we are 
> analyzing properties of Internet home accesses in Austria. We are 
> trying to draw a complete picture of all ISP attributes to get an 
> overview what the current status is and how it may change in the 
> future.
> We collected already a lot of data of bigger ISPs but missing 
> information about smaller ones. Do you think it might be possible to 
> provide us measurement results of such ISPs?

We're happy to help, but in order to do so we'll need to understand what
specific measurement results or ISP attributes you're interested in.


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