[Netalyzr] upstream buffering test

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Sun Mar 4 16:34:35 PST 2012

[user Brian dropped from thread for now]

> Can it not be made to more accurately reflect the actual situation then?
> ....
> Ultimately though netalyzer is making people thing they have a
> bufferbloat problem when they don't, if I'm understanding all of this
> correctly.
> I just wonder if the test cannot be made to better reflect the
> boatedness of the buffer in question so that people are not chasing ghosts.

Well, he asks a good question.  In particular, if AQM actually is deployed
a non-trivial proportion of the time, then it really behooves us to try
to detect that rather than playing into Jim Gettys' pet gripe.

What about doing trying a second flow (ideally, TCP, though that's messy
to measure) concurrent with the test to see if it's somehow unaffected?
I'm not sure whether that would fit with his particular setup (depends on
the nature of the QoS), but would be interesting to try, and he certainly
sounds willing to test it for us.


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