[Netalyzr] What is TCP Connection Setup Latency?

Cory Riddell cory at codeware.com
Fri Mar 23 08:10:02 PDT 2012

We have been having weird problems with Windows remote desktop sessions
(several times per day the connection is lost but the client is able to
automatically reconnect). So I ran your tool and found a very high TCP
connection setup latency. The network latency was good (I think it was
54 ms) but the TCP connection setup latency is often well over 1000 ms
with 3400 ms being the highest value I've seen.

I was guessing the TCP connection setup latency should be roughly 3x the
network latency because it takes three packets (for ack, syn-ack, syn).
But today I'm getting 50ms for the network latency and 54 seconds for
the TCP connection setup latency, so my theory is obviously incorrect.

What is TCP connection setup latency?


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