[Netalyzr] Documentation on client & server transcripts and json file

Gaurav Aggarwal jca112100 at iitd.ac.in
Tue Apr 9 05:16:53 PDT 2013


I was checking the json file which could be fetched for particular id. For
NAT detection, I noticed this thing:
            "comment": "",
            "name": "NAT detection",
            "results": null,
            "warning": "",
            "testnames": [
            "linkname": null,
            "problem": ""
The above thing do tell that the NAT is not present when actually it was.
The test summary and client & server transcripts though had it mentioned
that nat was present. Am I missing something?

Also is there any documentation available to infer client & server
transcripts and json file?

Thanks & Regards:
Gaurav Aggarwal

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