[Netalyzr] Are some ISP's blocking access?

Christopher Andrews webreg at centurylink.net
Sun Feb 3 08:35:35 PST 2013



I have been using the Netalyzer utility for several months now running one
analysis per month. The last couple months it has been more complicated to
connect to, and yesterday morning I could not connect to the url to retrieve
the analysis summary after running the command line utility. I downloaded
and ran the CLU because I could not get the web based tool to run at all.
This was probably due to the java fiasco that occurred over the past couple




1. Does anyone know of any issues where an ISP has been blocking access to
the netalyzr tool?

2. Would it be possible for someone to retrieve my summary, copy/paste it
into a text file and shoot it to my email? URL:



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