[Netalyzr] Help! Test result Code 34

Eric Boettner eric.boettner at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 19:25:36 PST 2013

Good evening,

I ran the test today - and got this error. I've run the test many of times,
but today is the first time it flew up this specific error message. Can
someone tell me what it means? Thanks!

NAT support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Not tested–<http://n2.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/summary/id=43ca208a-25776-e27e4f30-7226-4e9c-b6f9#>
 An I/O error occurred during the test. The test result code is 34.


Eric M. Boettner
mobile: 864.304.5542 | e-mail: eric.boettner at gmail.com
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