[Netalyzr] how to run single test in the CLI version

Christian Kreibich christian at icir.org
Mon Feb 12 11:04:38 PST 2018

Hey Mikael,

On 02/09/2018 11:27 AM, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> Thanks for the response. I already have packet dumps of the test, so I can
> tell what the last packet is that is sent right before the device crashes
> (and I also know that it has to do with the packet forwarding acceleration
> code on the device, because when I unload all acceleration then things
> work as expected without any crash).

Great! Let's take this off-list and troubleshoot further. I'll ping you 

> I know the device crash occurs around test 58/110, but I am not 100% sure
> exactly which of these tests that cause it, because it could also be that
> the crash (and it's a kernel crash+reboot) is caused by a delayed reaction
> to an earlier test.

Yes, that's true. It's intriguing, because tests that "stress" the link 
heavily should only occur near the end of the session.

> So it would be really helpful if the CLI client would support to just run
> one of the tests, and perhaps not even create a report. Another option
> would be to be able to insert a 5 second delay between each test, to
> easily isolate them.
> So if you're going to re-open the cli client for development, please take
> what I wrote above under advisement.

Duly noted!


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