[Xorp-cvs] XORP cvs commit: xorp/ospf

Atanu Ghosh atanu@icir.org
Wed, 23 Nov 2005 06:35:01 GMT

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/www/data/cvs
Module name:	xorp
Changes by:	atanu@xorpc.icir.org	2005-11-23 06:35:01 UTC

XORP CVS repository

Modified files:
	ospf          routing_table.cc 

Log message:
	When a new route becomes the winning route but it has the same cost
	and nexthop as the previous route there is no reason to replace the
	route, it is important to copy the filtered flag from the previous
	The same route from different areas (virtual links) depending on the
	order of arrival could cause the filtered flag to be lost.
	The str() method of an internal route prints more information in
	particular the winning route is identified.
	More debugging.

Revision  Changes                                 Path
1.40      +18 -11;  commitid: 151fd43840d947ea6;  xorp/ospf/routing_table.cc