[Xorp-cvs] XORP cvs commit: xorp/libxorp

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Fri Aug 18 15:22:30 PDT 2006

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/share/doc/apache/cvs
Module name:	xorp
Changes by:	pavlin at xorpc.icir.org	2006-08-18 22:22:30 UTC

XORP CVS repository

Modified files:
	libxorp       ipv6.cc ipvx.cc 

Log message:
	Add a mechanism to set (when possible) the sockaddr_in6.sin6_scope_id
	field when copying IPv6 or IPvX address to sockaddr_in6 structure.
	In case of KAME the local interface index (also the link-local
	scope_id) is encoded in the third and fourth octet of an IPv6
	address (for link-local unicast/multicast addresses or
	interface-local multicast addresses only).

Revision  Changes                              Path
1.25      +20 -1;  commitid: 3af44e63cf97ea6;  xorp/libxorp/ipv6.cc
1.25      +21 -1;  commitid: 3af44e63cf97ea6;  xorp/libxorp/ipvx.cc

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