[Xorp-cvs] XORP cvs commit: xorp/policy xorp/policy/backend xorp/policy/common xorp/policy/test

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Wed May 24 21:01:42 PDT 2006

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/share/doc/apache/cvs
Module name:	xorp
Changes by:	pavlin at xorpc.icir.org	2006-05-25 04:01:42 UTC

XORP CVS repository

Modified files:
	policy        semantic_varrw.cc semantic_varrw.hh 
	policy/backend iv_exec.cc single_varrw.cc single_varrw.hh 
	policy/common varrw.hh 
	policy/test   file_varrw.cc file_varrw.hh 

Log message:
	* Change the return value of VarRW::sync() from void to size_t
	  to indicate the number of pending writes that have been performed.
	* Synchronize the variables after each policy term. We need this in
	  case a term action has written the value of a variable, and then
	  another term uses the value of that variable.
	  Note that this slightly changes the semantics when referring
	  the value of a route-related variable. Previously, each reference
	  was to the original value, but with this modification we refer
	  the the (new) value that was probably modified by an earlier
	  policy term.
	  The reason for this semantic change is that now we are more
	  consistent with the behavior of other router vendors.
	Approved by:    Atanu Ghosh

Revision  Changes                               Path
1.9       +17 -4;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;  xorp/policy/backend/iv_exec.cc
1.12      +6 -2;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/backend/single_varrw.cc
1.8       +4 -2;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/backend/single_varrw.hh
1.9       +3 -2;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/common/varrw.hh
1.7       +4 -2;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/semantic_varrw.cc
1.5       +4 -2;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/semantic_varrw.hh
1.7       +9 -3;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/test/file_varrw.cc
1.5       +2 -2;  commitid: 9f6e44752a037ea6;   xorp/policy/test/file_varrw.hh

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