[Xorp-cvs] XORP cvs commit: xorp/etc/templates xorp/xrl/interfaces xorp/xrl/targets xorp/fea xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Sun Dec 30 01:15:05 PST 2007

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/share/doc/apache/cvs
Module name:	xorp
Changes by:	pavlin at xorpc.icir.org	2007-12-30 09:15:05 UTC

XORP CVS repository

Modified files:
	etc/templates interfaces.tp 
	xrl/interfaces fea_ifmgr.xif fea_ifmgr_xif.hh fea_ifmgr_xif.cc 
	xrl/targets   fea.xrls fea_base.hh fea_base.cc 
	fea           ifconfig.cc ifconfig.hh ifconfig_transaction.hh 
	              iftree.cc iftree.hh test_xrl_sockets4_tcp.sh 
	              test_xrl_sockets4_udp.sh xrl_fea_target.cc 
	              xrl_fea_target.hh xrl_shell_funcs.sh 
	fea/data_plane/ifconfig ifconfig_observer_iphelper.cc 
	                        ifconfig_set.cc ifconfig_set_dummy.cc 

Log message:
	* Fixed the mechanism for tracking the underlying system interface
	  status, so it takes into consideration any events noticed by the
	  interface observers.
	  Now if the underlying system interface state is modified,
	  the semantics for updating the configuration interface state is:
	  1. If an interface in the configuration tree is pseudo interface
	     (e.g., "discard" or "unreachable") which doesn't exist in the
	     system, its state is not modified.
	  2. If an interface in the configuration tree is marked as
	     "default_system_config", the rest of the processing is not
	     applied, and the following rules are used instead:
	     (a) If the interface is not in the system tree, it is marked
	         as "disabled" and its vifs are deleted.
	     (b) Otherwise, its state (and the subtree below it) is copied
	         as-is from the system tree.
	  3. If an item in the configuration tree is not in the system tree,
	     it is deleted in the configuration tree.
	  4. If an item in the configuration tree is in the system tree,
	     its state is copied from the system tree to the configuration
	     However, If an item in the configuration tree is not "enabled",
	     then the state is still marked as not "enabled".
	* If an interface is configured as "default-system-config", now
	  the FEA will allow it as part of the configuration even if there
	  is no such interface in the underlying system.
	  This feature, along with the above described mechanism for tracking
	  the underlying system interface status can be used to facilititate
	  the usage of XORP with dynamic interfaces that can be added/deleted
	  on the fly (e.g., GRE tunnels, ppp interfaces, etc), and in
	  environments where such interfaces are added/deleted by third-party
	* Fixed the default-system-config configuration backend so it can be
	  disabled if the default-system-config statement is deleted.

Revision  Changes                                  Path
1.35      +3 -2;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/etc/templates/interfaces.tp
1.8       +5 -11;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;     xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_observer_iphelper.cc
1.14      +6 -6;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_observer_netlink_socket.cc
1.13      +6 -6;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_observer_routing_socket.cc
1.18      +21 -3;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;     xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_set.cc
1.15      +1 -2;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_set_dummy.cc
1.80      +3 -12;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;     xorp/fea/ifconfig.cc
1.76      +2 -4;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/ifconfig.hh
1.15      +45 -24;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;    xorp/fea/ifconfig_transaction.hh
1.55      +412 -259;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;  xorp/fea/iftree.cc
1.57      +41 -52;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;    xorp/fea/iftree.hh
1.7       +2 -2;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/test_xrl_sockets4_tcp.sh
1.9       +2 -2;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/test_xrl_sockets4_udp.sh
1.36      +8 -5;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/xrl_fea_target.cc
1.24      +9 -4;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/xrl_fea_target.hh
1.20      +2 -2;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/fea/xrl_shell_funcs.sh
1.25      +7 -3;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/xrl/interfaces/fea_ifmgr.xif
1.39      +5 -1;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/xrl/interfaces/fea_ifmgr_xif.cc
1.37      +9 -1;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/xrl/interfaces/fea_ifmgr_xif.hh
1.79      +9 -3;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/xrl/targets/fea.xrls
1.82      +9 -7;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;      xorp/xrl/targets/fea_base.cc
1.88      +11 -3;  commitid: f06d47775aa67ea6;     xorp/xrl/targets/fea_base.hh

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