[Xorp-hackers] I am a new user...

ธสมม eju2002@sina.com
Thu, 4 Nov 2004 10:50:33 +0800

respected hackers:
   I am a new user of the XORP, master of router architect in NUDT(National University of Defense Technology in China  ). Because of my reseach, FORCES's implement, our Pro. want us use  XORP & Click to build a experimental  environment.
   we have a team of several person, each of us have devided into CE and FE's implement. My job is the CE's implement, we choose XORP, for its eXtensible, open and it claimed that he will add the FORCES.
   If you can tell me , how can I start the reading of this source code.
   thank for all of you that help us and your advice!