[Xorp-hackers] I am a new user...

Atanu Ghosh atanu@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Thu, 04 Nov 2004 14:43:46 -0800


Currently XORP can not use Click for forwarding. We are hoping that
by the end of the month XORP and Click we be re-integrated.

In terms of documentation <http://www.xorp.org/design_docs.html> is a
good place to start.


>>>>> "eju2002" == eju2002  <eju2002@sina.com> writes:

    eju2002> respected hackers: I am a new user of the XORP, master of
    eju2002> router architect in NUDT(National University of Defense
    eju2002> Technology in China ). Because of my reseach, FORCES's
    eju2002> implement, our Pro. want us use XORP & Click to build a
    eju2002> experimental environment.  we have a team of several
    eju2002> person, each of us have devided into CE and FE's
    eju2002> implement. My job is the CE's implement, we choose XORP,
    eju2002> for its eXtensible, open and it claimed that he will add
    eju2002> the FORCES.  If you can tell me , how can I start the
    eju2002> reading of this source code.  thank for all of you that
    eju2002> help us and your advice!

    eju2002> 					Forrest
    eju2002>         eju2002@sina.com
    eju2002>           2004-11-04

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