[Xorp-hackers] XORP on memory stringent embedded platform

edrt edrt@citiz.net
Thu, 25 Nov 2004 22:23:06 +0800

Dear XORP developers,

I managed to port the multicast subsystem of XORP to a embedded system,
functionalities including PIM-SM+Mld6igmp+MFEA+lib{xorp,proto,comm,mrt,xrl}.

The embedded system is memeory stringent (32M). The orignal system image size
is about 5M (os + app, which contains a lot functionalities implemented using C).

After add the XORP related functionality, the image grows to about 11M (debugging
information stripped) and the system free memory fall down to a low level.
So I doubt if I should port other part of XORP system to that embedded platform. 

I guess the main reason is because XORP is written in C++. Does the big image size
related to stl/template ? Is there good ways to reduce XORP image size? 

(BTW, I have tried -Os option, but the compiler seems too old to support that.
 May be I should upgrade the compiler.)