[Xorp-hackers] suggest a debugger for xorp.

Orion Hodson oho at acm.org
Thu Feb 1 07:42:51 PST 2007

With regards tracing, there is inbuilt tracing of XRLs, though it  
only logs via XORP standard logging facility (xlog - see libxorp/xlog. 
[ch] )

Defining XRLDISPATCHTRACE turns on client side tracing.
Defining XRLTRACE turns on server side tracing.

To see some more switches controllable through the environment try:
	cd xorp/libxipc
	grep getenv *.cc

There are no explicit states associated with XRL interfaces.

You might also want to familiarize yourselves with gprof and gdb.

- Orion

On Feb 1, 2007, at 1:25 AM, shamita pisal wrote:

> hi,
> We are studying the xorp source code .We want to find how xorp  
> communicates with internal modules.(It does through Xrl as  
> documented) but we want to find the functions which calls another  
> modules and how it stores states as well.Also how the routing table  
> entries stored?
> We want to study the packet flow inside xorp.(through internal  
> modules:how it reads packet from kernel and processing in the xorp  
> then forwarding it to destination address) So this is possible by  
> debugging the code of xorp. Could you please suggest a tool for  
> debugging source code.
> Thanking you
> Shamita.
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