[Xorp-hackers] Query regarding XRL's

Ashish Karpe ashishkarpe at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 22:59:41 PST 2007

Hi all,
We want to add a xrl interface for our module(pim bidir).
We followed the steps as mentioned in the document "Adding Process To XORP".
We wrote a /xrl/interface/pimbidir.xif
and  /xrl/target/pimbidir.tgt
also we modified makefiles in each of directory.But files (.cc & .hh)
which were suppose to generated by Python Scripts are not genetated.
The modifications we did are follows :

In File /xrl/interfaces/makefile.am

# PIMBIDIR Interface
noinst_LTLIBRARIES += libpimbidirxif.la
libpimbidirxif_la_SOURCES = pimbidir_xif.hh pimbidir_xif.cc

In File /xrl/targets/makefile.am
tgt_files		+= pimbidir.tgt
noinst_LTLIBRARIES	+= libpimbidirbase.la
libpimbidirbase_la_SOURCES = pimbidir_base.hh pimbidir_base.cc
$(srcdir)/pimbidir_base.hh $(srcdir)/pimbidir_base.cc:
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/common.xif                            \
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/cli_processor.xif                     \
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/finder_event_observer.xif             \
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/mfea_client.xif                       \
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/redist_transaction4.xif               \
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/redist_transaction6.xif               \
                $(INTERFACES_DIR)/mld6igmp_client.xif                   \

So will you please let us know what may the problem in generation of
.cc & .hh files?

Thanking You

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