[Xorp-hackers] Request for a larger XORP configuration file example.

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Tue May 1 12:06:24 PDT 2007

Kristen Nielsen <krn at krn.dk> wrote:

> Hi xorp-hackers.
> I am working on a project where I am evaluating how well XORP with
> support for virtual routing instances fits into the architecture of the
> proposed virtual network stack architecture of FreeBSD.
> I am trying to get an detailed overview of the configuration language of
> XORP. And a larger example of this would help me starting up on this issue.
> Is it possible to get a (preferably larger) configuration example for
> one or two XORP routers. I would prefer examples with a high number of
> interfaces and networks configured.

The XORP User Manual (under the Documentation section on the XORP
Web page) should have sufficient information regarding the XORP
There is also the "Getting Started" Web page which is a very
abbreviated version of the User Manual. Those should tell you how to
configure a number of interfaces or a number of addresses per
interface (among other things).

Finally, the xorp/rtrmgr/config.boot.sample (also linked from the
Getting Started Web page) is a sample configuration which obviously
MUST be edited before trying it.

Hope that helps,

> Kristen Nielsen
> University of Copenhagen.
> krn at krn.dk
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