[Xorp-hackers] Problems with ppp

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Wed Oct 3 11:39:18 PDT 2007

> I have a setup where I use ppp towards an external satcom device.
> As long as the satcom unit is powered up, all is well, the ppp interface is
> recognised by XORP.
> BUT, if I turn it off... problems arise. The ppp device is removed from the
> system, and XORP removes the vif associated.
> When I turn the satcom back on again, the ppp interface is re-established,
> BUT it gets a new interface index.
> XORP does not seem to take any notice of it.
> Has anybody solved this? Either by making the ppp device permanent, or by
> getting the XORP to re-discover the interface?

There are some known issues when it comes to the FEA to pick-up
changes that come from beneath it (i.e., the kernel).
We are in the process of addressing those issues.
To help us with the testing, could you send your original
configuration (the "interfaces" section only should be sufficient).
Feel free to mask sensitive information like IP addresses.
Also, could you tell us what OS are you using.
It will be great if you send some instructions how to emulate the
deletion/re-eestablishment of the ppp interface by using some UNIX

In the mean time, if you have an external mechanism (i.e., outside
XORP) to detect that the ppp interface is deleted, you could try to
use that mechanism to run a script. That script should use xorpsh to
reconfigure XORP by explicitly deleting and then explicitly creating
the ppp interface inside the XORP configuration. Hopefully this will
help XORP to pick-up the right interface index.


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