[Xorp-hackers] PIM auto-RP sparse-dense-mode?

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Tue Oct 9 15:17:20 PDT 2007

> > In that case, a possible work-around would be to use Static RP
> > configuration with XORP.
> I was contemplating this very thing...
> > I would be very much interested to know the solution you choose
> > (incl. the reasons for the particular choice), and how well it
> > worked (or didn't work). Your experience will be very valuable for other folks that might be
> > in similar situation.
> >   
> Will do. It may be: use static joins on the other end for now, and buy a 
> new router for the future :-(.

Static joins are probably the simplest short-term solution, but the
downside is traffic overhead if there are no downstream receivers.

XORP with static RPs will get you around that, assuming the Cand-RP
set doesn't change over time. And it will also save you the $$$$ for
the new router :)

Re. updating the static RPs information by snooping and decoding
the auto-RP messages, I think this can be a very interesting
mini-project for someone who likes to play with this kind of
stuff. The only tricky part will be the decoding of the auto-RP
messages. Strictly speaking it should be possible to do it with a
script program (in any language you might like). Though, a tool like
Scapy will greatly simplify the solution:



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