[Xorp-hackers] TimerList destructor leaking memory?

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Fri Oct 12 17:34:31 PDT 2007

Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com> wrote:

> It seems that the TimerList object (timer.cc)
> doesn't delete the members in it's _heaplist
> in the destructor.
> Are these supposed to be cleaned up somewhere else?

I think you are right, it seems the Heap objects on the _heaplist
are not deleted when TimerList destructor is invoked.
The Heap objects are alocated only inside TimerList::find_heap() and
the _heaplist management/access is internal to TimerList only, so
the TimerList destructor should delete the leftover.

The fix for that will be trivial, but lets address it after the
pending two xorpsh related patches are out of the way.


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