[Xorp-hackers] OSPF stuck in TwoWay state.

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Fri Oct 19 18:00:50 PDT 2007

Is it ever valid for neighbors to be stuck in TwoWay

I configured a set of 15 virtual routers w/OSPF connected in
interesting ways.  Most of the nodes are connected to a bridge
object (roughly directly connected), and other connections form
a mesh.  Most routers have several redundant paths through the network
between any two nodes.

Several of the instances connected across the bridge stay in TwoWay
state, but some of them work.  As far as I can tell, the hello messages
are being send properly even from the guys in TwoWay state.

I checked IP connectivity with traceroute, and it all seems to be right
(ie, node should be able to talk to

[root at lf1016-55 ~]# traceroute -n -i 3.16.3
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
  1  2.785 ms  2.768 ms  2.756 ms

Assuming its not normal for them to be in this state, can you
give me an idea of where to look to start debugging this?

root at lf1016-55> show ospf4 neighbor
   Address         Interface             State      ID              Pri  Dead         3.16.3/3.16.3          TwoWay        128    33        3.16.3/3.16.3          TwoWay       128    34         3.16.3/3.16.3          TwoWay        128    35         3.16.3/3.16.3          TwoWay        128    35        3.16.3/3.16.3          Full       128    36        3.16.3/3.16.3          Full       128    36         1.3.3/1.3.3            Full        128    30         2.3.3/2.3.3            Full        128    35         3.4.3/3.4.3            Full        128    31         3.5.3/3.5.3            Full        128    33         3.9.3/3.9.3            Full        128    34
root at lf1016-55>


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