[Xorp-hackers] class digram

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Thu Oct 25 16:21:06 PDT 2007

Arjun Prasad <arjun at ceeyes.com> wrote:

> hi all!
> Is there any detailed class digram for xorp???
> Any pictorial representation of xorp architecture regarding how classes r intractiong with each other etc.

The following URL contains a list of design documents:


Some of documents there (e.g., the first one: "XORP Design
Overview") provide high-level design overview of the XORP
Other documents provide protocol-specific details.
E.g., "XORP BGP Routing Daemon" describes the BGP implementation.

Some of the above documents mention some of the important classes by
name, but this is high-level description.

There is also the "XORP Source Code Documentation" that is
automatically generated from the source code itself:

It is based on the Kdoc comments in the *.hh header files.

There are no documents at the level of detailed class interaction.
I guess there are generic C++ tools that will analyze the code and
generate such pictures for you, but I haven't used such tools.
Hopefully other folks on the list can give you some recommendations
for such tools.


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