[Xorp-hackers] Announcement: OLSR support in XORP 1.5

Bruce M Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Fri Jul 18 03:38:15 PDT 2008


This is just a brief announcement to let everyone know about the OLSR 
implementation which will be in the XORP 1.5 release.

CenGen, Inc. generously funded the development of an RFC 3626 Optimized 
Link State Routing (OLSR) implementation over late 2007 and early 2008.

This code has been made available under the XORP license. Currently it 
is in the contrib/olsr directory, is a configure-time option, and is a 
fully fledged XORP routing process. Route redistribution is supported 
and I understand CenGen had success with exporting into OSPF in their 

The code has some limitations, in particular, it does not currently 
support the ETX link metric feature ('link quality' in olsrd), however 
it could do so with some changes. Other than that, it interworks 
successfully with the olsrd.org implementation.

I'd also be interested to hear from folk interested in porting features 
from Joe Macker's NRL implementation of OLSR.

The regression testing is pretty thorough, though as is always the case 
with building a routing protocol, it can be difficult, if not 
impossible, to exercise all possible combinations of protocol state 
which can result. In particular the MPR behaviour could do with 3rd 
party review.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who is interested in using 
XORP to build mesh network solutions with the XORP/OLSR code base 
(currently we have folk from UCL doing so), so we can gauge interest in 
the code going forward, and establish what lies in the future as regards 

many thanks

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