[Xorp-hackers] Problem with writing a xorp process

Nguyen Van Nam van_nam_78 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 02:22:16 PDT 2008

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Subject: Problem with writing a xorp prorocess

I have written a code source as in the following to detect LSDB change in OSPF protocol.
XrlStdRouter xrl_router(_ospf.get_eventloop(), "ospf_loopfree");
        //debug_msg("Waiting for router");

    XrlOspfLoopfreeV0p1Client xrl_ospf_loopfree_client(&xrl_router);
        wait_until_xrl_router_is_ready(_ospf.get_eventloop(), xrl_router);
    //event loop run

    bool success=false;
                            callback(this,&AreaRouter::send_reveive_lsdb_change_cb ));

    if (success) cout<< "LSDB change"<<endl;
        catch (...) {
    xorp_catch_standard_exceptions(); }

But I found the errors:
BufferAsyncReader::annouce_event(BufferedAsyncReader::Event): Assertion _cb.is_only()==true failed 

Could you please help me to fix these?
Thanks so much

Nguyen Van Nam 

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