[Xorp-hackers] Problem with writing a xorp process

Bruce M Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Wed Jul 30 03:22:52 PDT 2008

Nguyen Van Nam wrote:
> Hi,
> I have changed many ways to fix the errors.
> Firstly, if i place : wait_until_xrl_router_is_ready(...), it produces 
> the errors: Assertion ..._cb==true failed.
> Secondly, not using wait_until_xrl_router_is_ready(...), i have called 
> only _ospf.get_eventloop().run() and next the xrl command 
> (_xrl_ospf_loopfree.send_notify_lsdb_change). The following errors 
> occur: [xrl_router.cc send ] NO FINDER.
> More than that, I have placed the code source not only in 
> area_router.cc but also in xrl_io.cc and xrl_target.cc (in these 
> cases, i want to use XrlRouter and EventLoop of the two classes). The 
> result is: error NO FINDER.
> I don't really understand why?

You definitely need to wait for the XRL router to come up in the 
beginning -- this is needed in order to begin to communicate with the 

Otherwise the XRL client code will try to send XRLs and fail, causing 
the "NO FINDER" message to be printed anyway.

The most likely explanation for what you're seeing is that a function 
you have added to the call graph in the code is not returning to the 
EventLoop, or is somehow doing something which causes the EventLoop not 
to be run.

It's impossible to give more specific advice than this without seeing 
full diffs.

Good luck

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