[Xorp-hackers] RFC: Use one socket per interface for receiving packets in the FEA.

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Mar 6 09:56:42 PST 2008

> I have been running a 20 node (one xorp per node) scenario and a 30 
> recently.
> Before the per-interface socket and hashing fixes, the system load at 
> 'idle' was around 4.00
> on my quad-core system with the 20 node scenario.
> After the hashing fixes and the per-interface socket fixes, the load is 
> about 0.10 on this
> same system with the larger 30 node scenario.  Please note that without 
> the hashing optimization, the 30 node
> scenario will not even start due to fea taking too long.

This is good enough justification that we need at least one of
the two mechanisms in place :)

> I don't have numbers for hashing w/out the per-interface socket patch, 
> but if you
> are really interested, I'll disable my per-interface patch and run some 
> tests.

Yes please.

> Most of the logic should be the same whether using BINDTODEVICE or a local
> IP binding.  We could change the code to not #ifdef on BINDTODEVICE but 
> instead
> an internal #if USE_PER_IF_SOCKETs and then set that #define locally for 
> testing.

This was my feeling too hence the reason I suggested that you add
your patch to Bugzilla.

> Ok, sounds fair enough.... I'll send these patches in a day or two when 
> I have
> finished my testing and have teased out a patch for just the per-socket 
> binding.



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