[Xorp-hackers] ifa_index is 'int', not u16

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Mar 27 14:11:10 PDT 2008

Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com> wrote:

> I noticed that fea is using u_short to store ifaddrmsg->ifa_index
> in this method:
> nlm_cond_newdeladdr_to_fea_cfg
> According to Linux man pages, the ifa_index is an integer.

You are right that we shouldn't be using u_short (the type was
probably mixed up when the code was ported from FreeBSD which itself
is using u_short).

However, the Linux manual page is wrong. I just checked the header
files for a number of Linux distributions (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu,
Gentoo 2006.1 and Gentoo 2007.?).
Only in the older Gentoo distribution the ifa_index type is int; in
all other the type is u32. Also, by definition the interface index
shouldn't be a negative number.
Hence I changed the local if_index variable in all leftover places
from u_short to uint32_t:

Revision  Changes                                 Path
1.17      +2 -2;  commitid: 1011747ec0c5d41a7;    xorp/fea/data_plane/control_socket/routing_socket_utilities.cc
1.21      +3 -3;  commitid: 1011747ec0c5d41a7;    xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_get_proc_linux.cc
1.16      +3 -3;  commitid: 1011747ec0c5d41a7;    xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_parse_getifaddrs.cc
1.15      +3 -3;  commitid: 1011747ec0c5d41a7;    xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_parse_ioctl.cc
1.18      +5 -5;  commitid: 1011747ec0c5d41a7;    xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_parse_netlink_socket.cc
1.21      +15 -15;  commitid: 1011747ec0c5d41a7;  xorp/fea/data_plane/ifconfig/ifconfig_parse_routing_socket.cc


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