[Xorp-hackers] CVS diff in the automated email?

Bruce M. Simpson bms at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Mon May 12 00:20:32 PDT 2008

Ben Greear wrote:
> It's nice to see a complete changeset at once...  Maybe something 
> automated in
> the email to give the cvs command to see the entire changeset?  Might could
> base it off of date since cvs doesn't handle changesets over multiple 
> files so well?

The way I handle this is to deploy Mercurial with Tailor.

Tailor imports CVS into Mercurial on a regular cron job. In turn, 
Mercurial's web interface provides an RSS feed. That feed contains links 
which let you view changesets as unified diffs. I continue to use 
Mercurial a lot for temporary branches.

The XORP development model is still such that we use CVS as "the 
authoritative repository" and there are still compelling reasons for 
this, a switch to Mercurial is very much dependent on required features 
e.g. obliterate being there.

Having said that, I strongly feel we should be moving with the times and 
I'd like to see the deployment of a public Mercurial repository for 
helping people outside the project to make and contribute changes.


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