[Xorp-hackers] About op command!

Bruce M Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Thu Nov 13 10:48:39 PST 2008

Bruce M Simpson wrote:
>> If the libxorp/popen.cc code is derived from the FreeBSD popen(3)
>> implementation, I think that the "setpgid(0, 0)" in the line 382 of
>> popen.cc should not be existed.

Sorry, I just re-read your question.

Whilst it was inspired by FreeBSD's popen(), popen2() is *not* intended 
as a drop-in replacement for popen().

RunCommand requires specific semantics to run the child process in a 
controlled way which can be integrated with the XORP EventLoop. This is 
particularly important for the Windows port as the underlying APIs there 
are totally different.


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