[Xorp-hackers] API stability

Adam Greenhalgh a.greenhalgh at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Apr 16 06:46:04 PDT 2010

I'll add this to the agenda for the conference call. Whether we get to
this in the allocated time , I am not sure.


On 16 April 2010 14:40, Bruce Simpson <bms at incunabulum.net> wrote:
> On 04/16/10 11:22, saurabh wrote:
>>> I'm deeply concerned that XORP is still not API-stable enough to be used
>>> commercially.
>> You concern about stability of xorp(1.6) to use in Real world - heavy network load
>> environment as standalone product ? I think it is well tested.
> With respect, this point is not relevant. I presume by 'heavy network
> load' you are referring to forwarding performance.
> Forwarding performance has nothing to do with XORP, which is control
> plane software. The problems are elsewhere.
> Consider:
>  * XORP was positioned as an 'eXtensible' routing platform.
>  * The components in the system talk to each other over XRL.
>  * XRL is used as the core API.
>   * It has been demonstrated to be a source of problems.
>   * Look at the poor BGP convergence performance. XRL is clearly on the
> hot path.
> Ben was proposing piecemeal changes to XRL itself, which effectively
> change the core API.
> That's fine, but the Linux approach to APIs -- just break them on a
> point release -- doesn't scale to real-world use.
> Be safe out there.
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