[Xorp-hackers] Tomorrow : Conference Call to co-ordinate XORP going forward.

Adam Greenhalgh a.greenhalgh at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 21 11:14:29 PDT 2010

Hi Folks,

Here are the details of the first xorp meeting to decide how xorp
progresses. This email is made up of three parts, attendee list,
agenda and finally at the bottom the conference call details. In
particular please look at the conference call details in advance and
yell if you have a problem with them. Please also take note of the
minutes policy for the call which forms part of the agenda.

The conference call is on Thursday 22nd April at 9pm BST (GMT +1 ) /
1pm PDT. This is tomorrow.


Attendee List :

Adam Greenhalgh
Eric Johnson
Lin Du
Ben Greear
Fred Bauer
Michael Paisner
Bruce Simpson
Aaron Shang
Mark Handley
Atanu Ghosh

Agenda :

0. (Adam to chair this item)
  - Introductions of those on the call and background.
  - Agree who is to chair the main call, proposal is Mark Handley.
  - Agree who is going to take minutes.

1. Copyright attribution for new changes.
  - Which organisation should possibly hold the new attribution ?
    - UCL
    - a XORP foundation (Do we need to set one up ?)
    - Individual
    - Other

2. LGPL / GPL / BSD license for new changes.

3. Policy for adding committers.

4. What is the patch approval process.

5. Project Management.
  - Who is in charge ?
  - How do we run things going forward ?

6. Tinderbox
  - Current 4 Platforms.
  http://buildbot.cs.ucl.ac.uk:8010/waterfall (and for the xorp-ct
tree http://buildbot.cs.ucl.ac.uk:7010/waterfall )

7. Do we need mirrors ?

8. What is the todo list for the next release (1.7) of XORP.
  - What is required to get the current svn repository out as a release.

9. Is Sourceforge what we need ?

10. Do we need a wiki and bug tracing system ?
    - is the one on Trac sufficient.

11. Mailing list memebership.
    - Should xorp-dev become the xorp committers list ?

12. API stability.

13. Boost usage

14. AOB

Notes : Minutes policy.

1. Minutes will be written up and circulated to all those on the call

for corrections and amendments. Two working days will be allowed for


2. Corrected minutes will be circulated. Two working days will be

allowed for corrections.

3. Minutes will be posted to xorp-hackers.

Conference Call details :

Ben is hosting the call on the Web, using WebEx MeetMeNow.

Date: April 22, 2010
Time: 1:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)
Teleconference: Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-429-3300
Meeting Number: 941 137 073

Please click on the appropriate link to join the meeting:

ATTENDEE: < https://mwmus.webex.com/mwmus/jm.php?PWD=&MK=941137073 >

HOST: < https://mwmus.webex.com/mwmus/sm.php?PWD=&MK=941137073 >

Ben will try to start it a bit early so folks can join early..and it
can run as long as we want.

*** If you don't have windows, the best solution is to dial in to the
access number above, I am going to dial in from the UK to the access
number using skype. I probably could bridge people in using skype if i
have too. ***

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