[Xorp-hackers] RFC: Explicitly note that new code contributions are copy-righted by the submitter.

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Fri Apr 23 10:24:46 PDT 2010

I propose to update the LICENSE file to explicitly note that contributions
on or after today are copyright by the submitter unless otherwise specified
in the commit message and/or committed code.

This ensures that no single entity can re-license XORP or otherwise
take changes in the public svn tree and use or relicense them in ways not compatible
with the current license scheme (GPL, LGPL, other) without consent
of all committers from today on.  I believe this will help make
xorp stronger and it will certainly make me happier about committing
my changes to the public svn tree.

[greearb at ben-dt2 xorp]$ git diff
diff --git a/trunk/xorp/LICENSE b/trunk/xorp/LICENSE
index 69e6102..a143666 100644
--- a/trunk/xorp/LICENSE
+++ b/trunk/xorp/LICENSE
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
-# $XORP: xorp/LICENSE,v 1.11 2008/10/02 21:56:13 bms Exp $

  With the exception of code derived from other sources, all XORP software
-is copyrighted by XORP, Inc. [Copyright (c) 2001-2009 XORP, Inc.].
-Files containing derived software are listed in the "LICENSE.other" file
-together with their corresponding copyrights and original licenses.
+committed prior to April 23, 2010 is copyrighted by
+XORP, Inc. [Copyright (c) 2001-2009 XORP, Inc.].  Changes committed
+on or after April 23, 2010 are copyrighted by the author unless
+otherwise specified in the commit message. Files containing derived
+software are listed in the "LICENSE.other" file together with their
+corresponding copyrights and original licenses.

  All XORP software is licensed under the GNU General Public License,
  Version 2, June 1991 contained in the "LICENSE.gpl" file unless


Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com>
Candela Technologies Inc  http://www.candelatech.com

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