[Xorp-users] open ports

Orion Hodson Orion Hodson <oho@acm.org>
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 19:42:06 -0700

On Aug 11, 2004, at 7:54 AM, João Carlos Mendes Luís wrote:
> Orion Hodson wrote:
>   However, loopback would be better from a DDOS perspective.
>     Unix domain sockets would be even better...
>     If TCP sockets must be used for portability purposes, then 
> loopback is the way.  If remote monitoring and control are needed, 
> then this shuld be the last option, and the binding IP address should 
> be configured by the user.

Unix domain sockets would be useful to have.  The reason UNIX domain 
sockets don't exist as an IPC scheme already is largely a question of 
resources.  If somebody is interested, then writing a Unix domain 
socket protocol family for XORP's IPC system is a smallish well-defined 
piece of work with several existing examples (inproc, udp, and esp. 
tcp).  AFAIK, it's not something that is slated to be done in the near 
future by the core team.

If anybody is interested in doing this send a note to 
xorp-hackers@xorp.org or feedback@xorp.org.

- Orion