[Xorp-users] open ports

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin@icir.org
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 15:47:24 -0700

> I installed xorp-1.0 as an IPv4 PIM-SM router on NetBSD. It works fine,
> apart from the bug #99 (if build with IPv6 enabled, it won't work on 
> an IPv6-unaware kernel, ignoring the configuration directivea that disable 
> IPv6s).

Just curious, do you really mean IPv4 PIM-SM router, or is it IPv6?

The reason I ask this is because currently NetBSD doesn't have PIM
kernel support for IPv4 (but only for IPv6). Hence, it could appear
that PIM-SM for IPv4 is working on NetBSD, but it reality it
wouldn't. E.g., the PIM-SM+MFEA modules may send and receive PIM-SM
control messages (and even manage to install multicast forwarding
cache in the kernel), but the special PIM Register vif (needed for
handling the PIM Register encapsulated packets) wouldn't be handled
properly, because it requires some kernel support.

Sigh, there should have been an explicit check with an appropriate
error message whether the underlying system really supports PIM...


P.S. Bug #99 is fixed in the CVS repository.