[Xorp-users] open ports

Emmanuel Dreyfus manu@netbsd.org
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 22:10:04 +0200

Pavlin Radoslavov <pavlin@icir.org> wrote:

> If you are running PIM-SM as you describe above, and if you are not
> the RP, then yes, you don't need the kernel support for PIM
> Registers. In that case the only thing you need from the kernel is
> to deliver to you the PIM control packets which I guess it can do
> without any additional patches.

I tried it this afternoon, and it doesn't work. I can get some multicast
streams with an extra delay (about 10-20 seconds) and other streams are
just unavailable. 
> Another example that comes to mind is if some of your PIM-SM
> neighbors on a LAN don't support the optional DR Priority Option. In
> that case the dr-priority is not considered in the DR election,
> hence your XORP router may still become the DR (if it has the
> numerically largest IP address on the LAN). 

The machine has x.x.x.1 on one interface and x.x.y.1 on the other one :)

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