[Xorp-users] Routing info

Mark Handley M.Handley@cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 00:25:44 +0100

>What is the easiest way to get bgp's routes from the bgpd. Basically I need 
>all the information that is usually generated by a "show ip bgp" command on 
>a router. What is the best way to do this? Does an xrl call to the BGPD 
>currently exist that could give me this information, or will I have to write 
>one. And if I have to write one, where would this information be stored?

If you're asking how you get this from the CLI, there's a
not-quite-complete XORP user manual at
The operational mode commands for BGP are listed around pages 71-74.
The basic command you need is "show bgp routes" and related subcommands.

If you're asking how you get this via an XRL interface, the place to
look is the source code for the command that implements "show bgp
routes".  This is in bgp/tools/print_routes.cc.  Note that it's not
one XRL, but multiple calls to get the whole BGP table.

>I also need to be able to get the routes for a specific community. Some 
>routers offer a "show ip bgp community xx:xx::xx:xx" command to allow this.

Currently there's no way to do this.  I agree there should be.  If you
really need this soon, can you submit a bugzilla report, to ensure it
stays on our radar.

 - Mark