[Xorp-users] IPv6 multicast forwarding help needed

Darko Paric darkoparic@net.hr
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:47:12 +0200

>> here is our configuration:
>Typically, within "mld" and "pimsm6" you would enable both rl0 and rl1.

We have tried that also. It didn't work. PIMSM6 works (network sniffing
showed routers exchange PIM Hello packets). show pim6 neighbors and show
mld groups gave good result.

show mfea6 (interface address, dataflow) command gives nothing. could the
problem be there?

Also, we have noticed that MLD wont start unless default-system-config is
set. When we try configure fixed addresses in config file, log shows
invalid primary address during startup. When we set addresses manualy. and
configure default-system-config in interfaces section, router starts fine.

Best regards

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