[Xorp-users] A Simple Testbed

Atanu Ghosh atanu@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 02:40:21 -0800


I don't think there is an ideal testbed configuration. I would start
with a single PC and enable all the routing protocols. The sample
configuration file in the router manager (rtrmgr) directory should be a
good starting point. Then add as many PCs as you have available to form
"peerings" for the protocols. For our testing we typically use about
seven PCs.


>>>>> "Onur" == Onur Taviloglu <otavil@gmx.net> writes:

    Onur> We are developing a web interface for Xorp at Kocaeli
    Onur> University. As we have very limited Xorp machines, what could
    Onur> be the simplest testbed configuration in order to visualize
    Onur> our web interface? (The problem here is an Xorp router should
    Onur> have enough data/info providing for different possible
    Onur> outcomes so that we could visualize and organize the web
    Onur> interface). I appreciate any help very much.

    Onur> Onur Taviloglu, Junior Student Kocaeli University, Turkey

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